Meet Dallas!

Dallas is an APHA Red Dun with signed papers waiting for registration. He is bred to be a barrel prospect which is in line with his speed, intelligence and sensitivity to cues. Dallas has been worked with for a number of months where he has graduated from all the hallmark training tests with straight A’s.

Dallas will halter with ease, stand tied, lead, back, WTL on lunge line, lift feet, tarp/puddle work, desensitize/spook work, trailering and stalling.

Dallas has even held a cinched light saddle although he won’t be ready for saddle training until next year (minimum of 3 years old). We recommend a home with experience as Dallas is sensitive and reactive to what is being asked of him. Dallas is UTD on vaccines, deworming and farrier work. If you are looking for a a young colt with the ability to go into any discipline, consider Dallas! Contact HnH for an application.

Adoption fee is $950

Meet Minnie!

Red Roan Varnish Appaloosa, 2 year old Filly now available for adoption!

Minnie is a sweet, first horse to the gate, curious, intelligent and brave young girl who we are ready to offer for adoption.

Minnie has passed all of her hallmark training tests including haltering, leading, backing, standing tied, picking up feet, tarp and puddle work, distraction/spook work, stalling and trailering.

Minnie has even held a cinched light saddle, however she won’t be ready to start saddle training until next year (minimum 3 years of age).

Minnie is UTD on vaccines, dewormer and farrier work. If you are looking for a gentle, willing and smart filly....don’t pass up the chance to meet Minnie!! Contact HnH for an application. 

Adoption fee for Minnie is $850