Welcome to Hooves 'N Hounds

Welcome to Hooves 'N Hounds Boarding and Rescue where we turn a positive experience for your dog/horse into a life saving effort for another!!  Hooves 'N Hounds serves two purposes in that we provide dog & horse boarding for those who want the best care for their animals in addition to rescuing those who have been abandoned, neglected, abused or worse.  Our unique approach to boarding is like no other boarding facility.  How, you might ask?  Simply put, by boarding your dog/horse with Hooves 'N Hounds, you ensure the rescue of another destined for a horrific fate; no strings attached.  Would you save the life of an animal without lifting a finger if you could?  If you are like minded and able to support the work we do here at Hooves 'N Hounds, please consider a donation.  All donations made go directly to the rescue efforts of our animals in desperate need of a second chance.  With your generous help, Hooves 'N Hounds can bring life to an otherwise lost soul.


Who we are


Jessi was born and raised in the city of Winnipeg.  Although a city dweller for the majority of her life, Jessi was always surrounded by furry companions and was never without a dog by her side.  Her passion for animals soon extended to horses where at the age of 27 Jessi established roots in the country and bought her first horse Gunner, who today remains her loyal steed.  Gunner even carried Jessi down the isle on her wedding day! 


As a full time critical care flight nurse, Jessi works to help save the lives of people every day.  The rewards of a happy ending are immense.  While Jessi has dedicated her career to saving the lives of human beings, she dedicates her heart and soul into rescuing animals in need of a second chance.  Discouraged by the senseless neglect, abuse and torture that animals endure all over the world, Jessi attempts to speak for the animals that don't have a voice and fight for the animals who are broken.  Hooves `N Hounds was born out of Jessi's passion to highlight the worth and spirit of animals in need of help.  What started as simply a home for foster dogs has now developed into a fully functioning boarding and rescue facility for dogs, horses and animals alike.  Hooves 'N Hounds was established in 2013 opening the gates for our first boarders/rescues.  Jessi and her husband Gerr are the heart and soul of Hooves 'N Hounds where they dedicate hours upon hours into their boarding and rescue facility.  With the help of 2 older children and the giggles of two younger children, family and friends, Jess and Gerr are able to meet the demands running a boarding/rescue facility imposes.  They often come into the house after final chores are done covered in mud, horse poop, hay and other lovely things but they always have a smile on their faces.  Nothing is more fulfilling in life knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of otherwise broken animals.  Restoring hope, trust and faith in animals so that their spirit can shine through the scars is why we do what we do!