Success Stories


Mocha and Colt.jpg

Mocha was brought to Hooves 'N Hounds in the summer of 2014 all the way from Washington D.C when her owner rescued her from slaughter right out of the feed lot!  Mocha was in pretty bad shape as she had clearly little trust in humans which meant no formal handling, foot care or health check-ups.  In addition, Mocha was pregnant!!  The owner brought Mocha to Hooves 'N Hounds where it didn't take long for Mocha and Jessi to develop a bond.  It wasn't long after Mocha arrived that she was following Jessi around the pasture and allowing for the odd rub-down.  "Addae" was born about 4 weeks after her arrival in the wee hours of the morning.  Unfortunately, Mocha had retained her placenta!  Both Jessi and Mocha's owner tried everything to get the placenta to drop.  Unfortunately their efforts failed.  The vet was called when it was evident that Mocha was in trouble.  Because Mocha was so focussed on her foal, she would not stand for an injection from the vet which would cause her to drop the placenta.  Consequently the vetexplained that Mocha would likely die due to infection secondary to the retained placenta.  Jessi refused to give up on Mocha!  With the permission of Mocha's owner and the vet, Jessi tried one last treatment.  Within 45 minutes of Jessi's intervention, Mocha had dropped her complete placenta and there were no further complications!  We are proud to report that both Mocha and Addae are happy and healthy!! 



In the early spring of 2014, Toby was laying down soaking up the last hours of sunshine.  Unfortunately, Toby was laying dangerously close to the fence line.  In an attempt to scratch his back he threw his legs up into the air which got entangled in the high tensile wire bordering the pasture.  Panicked, Toby began thrashing as he tried to stand which only further tangled his leg in the wire where a noose formed around his leg.  Once on his feet, he pulled and pulled to free his leg from the wire noose which ripped into his leg all the way to the bone.  A vet was immediately called to the property where Toby received some antibiotics and pain killer.  The wound was deep and the resulting damage was unclear.  Twice a day for a week, Jessi & Gerr would clean Toby's wound and administer antibiotics.  For the next three months, Jess & Gerr continued to care for Toby each and every day - nursing him back to health.  Toby's owner is ecstatic to report that a year later, Toby's wound has completely healed and although there is scar tissue, Toby did not develop lameness.  Today, Toby is doing great relishing as a healthy and sound boy!