Dog Boarding

Mama Bear - Mungo taking care of our foster dog, Tilly

Mama Bear - Mungo taking care of our foster dog, Tilly

Hooves 'N Hounds is not your typical dog boarding facility as your pooch will be fully integrated as a temporary member of our family!  As a four legged member of our family, your dog will not be confined to a kennel (unless requested for night time) which means warm comfortable nights sleeping in our home and endless play time during the day. 

Hooves 'N Hounds stays true to our vision which means your dog(s) are treated with a kind, gentle and respecting touch where dogs are allowed to be just that, dogs!  We treat your dog(s) as if they were our own which ensures that their stay here will be both safe and fun.  There are no additional fees for outside play time, exercise, walks or extra love as we believe these elements should be a given just as they are with our own dogs. 

Here at Hooves 'N Hounds, your dogs are encouraged to be themselves with the caveat that good manners are a must.  We provide overnight dog boarding services to clients who appreciate the nature of our care.  We welcome dogs into our home for weekends, weeks and even month long stays. 

We are proficient in providing prescribed medication for all ailments.  Additionally, we are proficient in providing first aid.

All dogs must have the following vaccinations: Bordetella, Rabies, Distempter, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Paravirus as well as proof of flea and heartworm prevention.  (Active cases of fleas and/or other contagious parasites will not be accepted)

Because your dog essentially becomes a temporary member of our family while you are away, our services are provided on a case by case basis and are subject to availability.  Given the nature of our services, we typically provide care to only one client at any given time.  This ensures your dog receives the attention and security it deserves while you are away.  Because space is limited, we recommend that you book your reservation with us as soon as possible to ensure your dog's space.

 Boarding Fees

1st - 14th day                 $30/day per dog              

After 14th day                $25/day per dog