Hay Nets

Hooves 'N Hounds is proud to be the Manitoba distributor of hay nets for Sherwood Stables!  These durable nets are made in Ontario, Canada where they are shaped into 1 3/4 inch squares and stitched by hand with braided twine.  The braided twine is infused with UV protectant at the time of manufacturing which prevents them from weakening or breaking down in our harsh weather environment.  The infused UV protectant is of no risk to your horses health as this product is infused into the fibers of the netting and is not a coating.  All nets come with a 1 year warranty on the seams only.  Additionally, a repair kit is supplied with the purchase of these nets making it easy and convenient to repair any holes that your horses might create.

All horses being introduced to hay nets should be fed loose hay twice a day for a minimum of four days.  This will help to ensure the horses are nourished as they learn how to use the nets.  Horses who are not fed loose hay may become aggressive with the nets as they try to fend off hunger which may result in holes.  Should holes develop, it is important to repair the holes as soon as possible so that the horses do not learn to make holes in the net in an attempt to have access to more hay.

Sherwood Equine Hay Nets offers the following nets:

Small Square Bales - $80.00/each

Texas Square Bag - $180.00/each

Small Square Cube (4 bales) - $120.00/each

Round Bale Net 4x4 - $150.00/each

Round Bale Net 5x5 - $165.00/each

Round Bale Net 6x6 - $205.00/each

Round Bale Net 7x7 - 265.00/each

Jumbo Stall Bags (5 flakes) - $27.00/each

*All prices are subject to taxes and shipping*

**By purchasing a Sherwood Equine Hay Net through Hooves 'N Hounds, you are supporting our plight to rescue animals in need of a second chance!!**