Our Vision

To stop the needless suffering, neglect and abuse many animals know all to well; one animal, one horse at a time.



Millions of animals will experience senseless neglect, abuse and even torture at the hands of humans who fail to recognize their true spirit.  Hooves 'N Hounds is dedicated to rescuing animals who find themselves in desperate need of a second chance by providing a safe, trusting and caring home.  We are not naive in thinking we can solve the world's problems. However, we are optimistic that by rescuing an animal destined for a life of misery and/or a gruesome death we are doing our part to end the suffering one animal at a time. 

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.
— Sharon Ralls Lemon.

Horses are spiritual creatures representing the true essence of freedom.  These magnificent creatures can tap into the emotional background of humans, giving way to an experience like no other.  The relationship between human and horse may be therapeutic, bringing about a positive mental, emotional, spiritual and physical realm of being.  The only thing we as humans have to do is be open to the possibilities. 

Unfortunately, there are those who fail to recognize the worth of these beautiful animals as anything but a commodity.  Thousands upon thousands of horses will meet their demise in Canadian slaughter houses where they are mistreated right up to their final moments.  Horse meat is a common dish found on many European, Japanese and even North American menus.  At approximately 0.40 cents a pound, "kill-buyers" load up their trailers with horses at auctions sometimes walking away with horses worth only $125 in meat.  It is not uncommon for a "kill-buyer" to leave with 50-75 horses after just one auction!

Hooves 'N Hounds is dedicated to rescuing as many horses from the "kill-buyer's" grip as possible.  During a horse auction, we will bid on horses that no one in the gallery is bidding on other than the kill-buyer.  We will not enter a bidding war with a private buyer!  The only battle we will win is against the kill-buyer. Hooves 'N Hounds will bid on any breed of horse at any stage of their lives. We will work with foals, colts/fillies, mares, pregnant mares and geldings. 

Once Hooves 'N Hounds has reached the max capacity of rescue horses, these animals are then brought back to our facility where they are kept in our "transition" pasture sequestered from the other horses.  Upon arrival, the horses will all receive a physical examination, deworming, vaccinations as well as farrier care.  Should a horse display signs of disease/illness or injury, a vet will be consulted immediately.  For the period of 3 weeks, they are kept in transition where we work with them on a daily basis.  Once a clean bill of health has been given (which may take up to one month and in some cases longer) the horses are amalgamated with others.  The rescue horses will continue to receive hands on training/attention where the re-homing process begins.

Hooves 'N Hounds advocates for the humane treatment of all animals.  From pets to livestock, to the wild and free, we strongly believe that animals deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.  While we dedicate our work to dogs and horses, we won't turn our back on any animal in need!

Please join us in our rescue efforts; one animal, one horse at a time...