Our Vision

To preserve and harness the spirit and essence of your horse by providing a safe and caring environment from which your horse may flourish.


Incentives, why us?

Hooves `N Hounds does not claim to be a world renowned equestrian center.  However, what we do claim is that your horse will be cared for like he/she is one of our own which means unconditional support and love!  Boarding your horse at Hooves 'N Hounds is the next best thing to having your horse in your own backyard.

If our promise to care for your horse in the same manner you would is not enough, how about this?

***For every one year boarding contract signed at Hooves 'N Hounds we will commit to rescuing a horse from slaughter in YOUR name!!! ***

Horse auctions are held multiple times a year throughout the province where hundreds of foals, yearlings and adult horses will be bought and sold for meat.  In honour of your commitment to us, we will rescue at least one horse from the clutches of the "kill buyer".  These rescue horses will remain on our property for a minimum of 2-4 months where we will dedicate time, money and energy into working with them.  Once the rescue horses are deemed healthy and safe for adoption, we will rehome these horses to a home where they will never learn what it means to be a commodity. 

Jabber, our first rescue horse can be ridden bareback or with a saddle and a bitless bridle.  Our 13 year old daughter has adopted Jabber as her own.  A true testament of what faith, time and patience can produce.