Meet Beau

PVO seizure. Teenage gelding who is incredibly sweet and gentle. Used as a therapy horse in his previous life, Beau found himself in the care of people who didn’t know teeth need regular attention. Extremely emaciated, Beau’s initial score upon possession was a 1.5, 2 at best on the Horse condition scale. He’s already showing improvement despite a long way to go.

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Meet Flicka

PVO seizure. This yearling filly was seized from a hoarding, neglect situation. Initial body score upon possession was a 2. She was untouched but has since warmed up ALOT. She loves butt scratches

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Meet Inigo Montoya

Auction horse. This little stubby eared gelding pony is one of a kind. His feet look like they were recently hacked off with a hack saw. Severely foundered this sweet, gentle and has an all around well demeanor. This gelding has so much to offer. Once his hooves are fixed and his legs and back pain/stress are addressed, we may just have to keep him as a pony for my little girl...who knows?! Either way this guy has a bright future awaiting him.

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